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Hocsocx Testimonials

"Wonderful and feel proud wearing them!"
- Jadine, NJ
"My 13 year old daughter kept getting this horrible rash from her shin guards and we couldn't figure out what to do! I found this website, purchased 2 pairs of socks and the rash is gone....no redness, no irritation. LOVE that they come with a little laundry bag to wash them in too!"
- Jodi G, PA
"My daughter LOVES these socks. She had lost her old pair and had to go without them for awhile. What a pain! They are great for helping with leg fatigue and protecting against skin irritations. A great added bonus is the shin guards are SO EASY to take off when you use these socks. Quality wise they are great. We had our original pair for 8 months before she lost them. I washed them many times a week. They were still going strong. The only issue seems to be with the kid that can't keep track of her stuff! :)."
- Carol E, CA
"I have gone to so many doctors and used so many creams on my legs to prevent rash. I even have scars from how bad my shins were. Thanks to Hocsocx, I do not have that problem anymore. No more creams and no more rash! Thank You."
- Casey V., VA
"My 8 year old son had a persistent rash from his soccer shin guards. The sleeves that the guards came with did nothing to prevent the rash. After a year of suffering from an itchy, red, inflamed and infected rash, and repeated treatments of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial creams, we found Hocsocx! Now no more rash! He is a happy soccer player and will not put a soccer sock on without first having his hocsocxs!"
– Melissa G., PA

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Hocsocx Performance socks are a high performance sport sock with exceptional protection from shin guard rash with added support compression that performance athletes should have.

Hocsocx are a knee high Nylon & Spandex sock designed to protect the skin under the shin guard from irritation and rash. Hocsocx come in fun, whimsical patterns as well as solid colors and are available in women’s, youth and men's sizes. They are thin but add no bulk in the athletic shoe and are durable and designed to last! Outperform rash guard sleeves because they don't ride up or fall down. Kiss shin guard rash goodbye & keep your legs looking fantastic!

The Hocsocx Advantage

  • -Protect against shin guard rash
  • -Light compression for reduced muscle fatigue & quick muscle recovery
  • -Wick moisture away from legs
  • -No added bulk
  • -Extends life of shin guards
  • -Lessens buildup of sweat, germs, odors
  • -Stays in place, no riding up or falling down