Midweek Fuel: Veg Heaven Protein Salad

Midweek Fuel: Veg Heaven Protein Salad

Posted by Hocsocx on 20th Nov 2019

Your season has come to an end. Your schedule has cleared and you have more time on your hands. What better time than to start incorporating an even more nutritious schedule into your daily life! 

During season, athletes are fueling their bodies often to make sure they are prepared for game day. While this is great, and of course needed for energy during that time, off season can trouble athletes with how they should maintain fuel. Whether you are approaching your next sport season or going into your off season and incorporating other types of workouts into your daily activity, keeping up with your nutrition is a crucial part to maintaining health and nutrition. Often times athletes notice a change of hunger levels during this time due to the change in activity, it is key to keep supplying your body with nutritious choices, helping to improve your game for next season!  

A super simple, yet filling meal that works well for pre or post workout fuel is an easy, delicious salad! Although salads typically are perceived as "boring" or "tasteless", creating salads with your desired toppings and dressings may in fact turn into a new favorite! This Veg Heaven Protein Salad is the perfect combination of tasty, satisfying, nutritious and filling! Try out this recipe for your next lunch or easy dinner option! 


1.5 handfuls of spinach 


1/2 avocado

1/2 bell pepper

small handful of carrots

1 serving of organic extra firm tofu


Spray a pan with non-stick olive oil. Cut tofu into rectangular pieces and place in pan. Begin cooking at medium-low heat. Sprinkle spices (we love using Everything But The Bagel Seasoning from Trade Joe's) on top and let each side cook for about 3 minutes, flipping until lightly browned. While tofu is cooking, chop a few mushrooms, and add into pan to cook. Once cooked, add spinach, avocado, peppers and carrots into bowl. Place mushrooms and tofu in bowl and add whatever additional toppings or dressings you desire! Enjoy this delicious salad!