FEM Power x Hocsocx

FEM Power x Hocsocx

Posted by Hocsocx on 15th May 2020

I am Mallory Lefkowitz, the Founder of FEM Power, and today I will be telling you my story as to why I created my own protein powder... 

As a Division I field hockey player, I was frustrated with the lack of clean ingredient products offered to the athletes post practice and game. My teammates and I couldn't stomach (literally!) the thought of gulping down another protein shake filled with ingredients we couldn't quite understand, that often caused bloating, stomach aches, and white frankly, wasn't the tastiest thing! I knew that fueling your body with proper nutrition was essential, however, my teammates and I were often avoiding certain products offered, ultimately leading to a lack of recovery. 

I began doing a ton of market discovery and researching, asking my teammates and other athletes on campus what they typically like to have within their diets and why. I found many female athletes wanted to fill their bodies with quality products, but strayed away from protein powder due to their fear with the misconceived notion that it would make them "bulk-up" or that certain blends often made them feel sick. It was then that I had my "ah-ha" moment - FEM Power Protein Powder was born!


FEM Power was created to provide a protein blend consisting of clean, simple ingredients specifically designed for female athletes and daily active women. As a female athlete myself, I felt a deeper connection to those females who feared fueling their bodies! I wanted to provide athletes a product they could trust and rely on to make them feel their best, to perform their best! 

After graduation from college, I continued working to create FEM Power, and also began working for my mother, Debbie, at Hocsocx. As they say, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and this couldn't be more accurate as I follow in my mother's entrepreneurial tracks! Working for Hocsocx, and FEM Power on the side, my mother and I began brainstorming ways to show the connection between Hocsocx and FEM Power, realizing these two brands work hand-in-hand, both offering benefits to athletes in many ways. As Hocsocx reales the new recovery compression socks, and FEM Power offering post-workout fuel, we feel the combination of these two products are here to provide athletes the tools for their best performance!