Back to Practice: Top 5 Tips

Back to Practice: Top 5 Tips

Posted by Hocsocx on 17th Jun 2020

As many athletes have made adjustments to their workout routines, habits, and overall lifestyle through COVID-19, maintaining fitness in hopes of the soon to be relaunch of sports, has been essential! Although many crucial places to your strength, practice, and workout routine have not been accessible, we are sharing a few tips for continuing to stay in shape during this time and to begin gearing up for what’s to come so you can compete and perform your best!

Our top 5 tips to maintaining fitness and being ready for season:

1. Create a schedule: As athletes, it’s really easy to rely on your teammates and coaches to push you and have workouts set up for you to rely on. Although you may still be fortunate to receive suggestions from them, it is important to create your own schedule and have it be one you can commit to, allowing you to stay motivated and excited to get better!

2. Consistency: Within creating a schedule, being consistent with showing up to your workouts is KEY. Having a set plan, balancing out your workouts and acknowledging your high intensity days are all important factors to maintaining your fitness and making sure you are still performing at a high level when you are reunited with your team and the game you love most!

3. Stay Connected With Your Team & Coach/ Coaches: Who else is missing their besties AND teammates?! Undergoing quarantine has not been the easiest thing for anyone! As many states are now slowly opening and allowing more within their communities, the opportunity to reunite with your team is increasing as well. It is important during this time as you get closer to practices, that you communicate well with your coaches and teammates. Let them know some of the progress you’ve made during this time, or share with them some things you feel you really need to improve on once practices are in full effect again.

4. Touch Up On Your Skills: While you may have been on top of your fitness game during COVID-19, your stick, ball, racket, skates, etc., may have been set to the side. It is important, as you get closer to sports opening again, that you touch up on your basic skills and are prepared to dive in when it comes time for practice. Try something you feel you were struggling with prior to quarantine and see if you can nail it!

5. Recover How You Need: Although maintaining fitness is important, making sure you’re healthy and fresh when sports begin again is crucial. Get in the habit of stretching well before AND after practice, making sure you continue implementing this as you get back into practices and games. Now is the time to address any painful areas you may have and finding solutions so you feel energized and injury free! 

We are so excited to see teams reconnect and reunite! As always, protect your shins from rubs and rashes as you gear up to play!