Compression Socks/Sleeves

CompressSocx are designed to be functional and versatile, made for ANYONE that would like to keep their legs feeling energized from athletes to healthcare workers.

They are made with the same comfortable, performance wicking material as our traditional Hocsocx with extra graduated compression and support from the ankle to the knee.

As sports recovery socks, they are lightweight but durable, and a perfect solution for the athlete to increase muscle recovery after sports and decrease muscle fatigue during sports.

For healthcare professionals, or anyone that stands or sits for long periods, CompressSocx help to prevent the feeling of tired, achy legs and reduce edema (swelling) and discomfort caused by mild to moderate varicose veins. 

Our CompressSocx feature graduated compression (15-20 mmHg) meaning our socks have many of the benefits of a medical-grade compression sock without the crazy price tag or the unattractive style. By providing pressure from the ankle to the knee, our socks can help increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to your heart. 


The Benefits of CompressSocx (full socx and sleeves)