Four Tricks to Keep Your Feet and Sports Bag Smelling Fresh!

Four Tricks to Keep Your Feet and Sports Bag Smelling Fresh!

Posted by Hocsocx on 11th Dec 2018

The worst part for soccer and hockey parents might be when their athletes take off their shoes and socks after a game or practice…days later the smell may still be lingering in their noses! Then, athletes might be throwing those same cleats and socks into their bags, sometimes leaving them there until the next day. Does this sound (or smell) familiar?

For those wishing there was an easy solution to make sure the athletes in your life (especially those living in your house) had fresh smelling feet and sports bags more often, we have four tips on how to make those dreams come true.

Tea Bags

Most of us assume tea bags have a single purpose of creating tea. However, placing a few unused tea bags into a bag or sneakers overnight can also freshen them up and rid them of the lingering sweaty stink.

Dryer Sheets

If you don’t have unused tea bags around, or if you’re looking for something even easier, keeping a few fresh scented dryer sheets in your sports bag can also get the job done. All you need to do is simply replace the sheets as needed!


Solve the issue of stinky feet right from the get-go! Most of the smell stems from sweaty feet, and while Hocsocx are designed specifically to wick away moisture, we can nix the culprit right from the start.

Epsom Salt Foot Bath

Foot baths might be the most common way to get fresh smelling feet after spending time on the field. The best foot bath regimen we found is to take an Epsom salt foot bath (followed by a lavender oil foot massage…ahhh) right before bed, this way you don’t have to put socks back on and risk more sweaty stinky feet.