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Why we love when Dad is our coach!

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Why we love when Dad is our coach!

Remember the photo you, or your younger child drew of the family? If you’re like us, the photo included a portrayal, however clear or abstract, of family fun and the love of sports.

What we learn both on and off the field has an immense impact on our whole lives. The fun we have, the memories we share, the skills we learn and the values we hold are influenced by so many things, including our teammates and our coaches. So, when Dad is the coach of our favorite team, sometimes there’s truly nothing better…and here’s why!

1.Spending Quality Time Together

From driving to and from practices and games, and having uninterrupted time to talk and catch up, to spending time together on the field, and sharing a love for the game, there’s great opportunity to strengthen your relationship on, off and to the field.

2.Sharing the Big Moments

Whether it’s a first goal, a homerun hit, a big save or the winning play, sharing these moments as athlete and coach brings on another layer of being a proud parent. A sense of achievement is shared by both dad and kid, after working hard to improve athleticism together and then cheering loudly on the sidelines with the team!

3.Teaching Life Skills

Being a coach means looking out for, teaching and inspiring each member of the team, not just your own child athlete. Although coaches teach all of us how to play the game and strengthen our skills on the field, they also teach us responsibility, self-confidence, communication skills and so much more that we carry throughout our whole lives. These are lessons that we learn in a very different way from our dads as their athlete, versus as their child, and that’s why we love being both!

4.Playing as a Team

One of the most valuable lessons we learn when playing team sports is how to work together with others. Moulding your child athlete as a team player and helping the entire team play, win and lose together is priceless. As your child watches you teach these lessons to the entire team as one group and later debrief one-on-one off the field as their parent, this can have an incredible impact as they grow up.

5.Having Fun Together!

What could be better than bonding over a sport and having fun with Dad?!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and amazing coaches out there!

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