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​A Dozen Game Time Essentials for Every Parent to Stalk Up on This Season

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A Dozen Game Time Essentials for Every Parent to Stalk Up on This Season

It’s mid-August and that means it’s time to pack up those backpacks, sports bags… and your trunks?!

Hey parents, this one’s for you! Between homework, practices, games, music lessons, socializing, dinner, and more, we’ve created the ultimate pack list for your car. Keeping you trunk fully stalked with the basic essentials means that there’s no added stress when you find yourself running from place to place this fall.

Since we haven’t left anything off our list, you won’t be wishing you had brought:

1. Water

Keeping your athletes hydrated is of the upmost importance. But loading up on extra water and drinks for the whole family to grab while cheering from the sidelines, is just as important.

2. Snacks

Especially for the younger fans, when lunchtime rolls around during a game or tournament, snacks will save the day! Try fruit cups, cheese and crackers with some protein, or a few of our other favorites we’ve mentioned in last week’s blog.

3. First aid

Cuts, bruises, twists, allergies, etc. are inevitable, especially during the start of the season. Whether it’s for your athlete on the field, or siblings on the sideline, be prepared with band aids, ice packs, sports rub, bandages, headache and sinus relief, and other common essentials.

4. Change of Clothes

How many times do you run to practice or a game and immediately run home so your athlete can change clothes, run back into the car, and head off to the next activity for the day? A change of clothes in the car can help in a pinch when a game has gone into overtime, you’ve underestimated travel time, or changing in the car is simply easier.

5. Warm Gear

The fall can be a funny time of year. Hot one day and chilly the next. Better yet, hot in the morning and cool by lunchtime! With wobbly weather patterns, warm gear like hats, gloves, scarfs, sweatshirts, and jackets will come in handy and turn chilly game time into a cozy afternoon.

6. Extra Balls and Air Pumps

Warm ups, spontaneous practice time, mishaps on the field, all call for extra balls and air pumps. More often than not, we all forget those obvious items, run to the store, and before we know it the garage is overflowing with soccer balls.

7. Stroller or Wagon

Attending games and tournaments can be tiring for everyone on the field and on the sidelines. Strollers, or even better a collapsible wagon can come in handy for our mini fans along with helping us lug all of these items to and from the car.

8. Chairs

You can’t sit on the sidelines without chairs! Stashing a few extra in the trunk is also great for those days other friends and family stop by the field too.

9. Waterproof Blanket

A second option, or perhaps a better option for children, is a blanket. Finding a blanket with a waterproof side is best for early games when the grass is still dewy or for after a rain shower.

10. Umbrella

We’ve all gotten caught in the rain, and as sports parents we know that unless there’s a downpour, thunder, and lightning, we’ll be stuck in the rain. Don’t get caught without an umbrella or some rain ponchos and jackets for the sidelines.

11. Towel

Between the rain and mud, or sweat after a hard game, never underestimate the power of the towel. We’re pleasantly surprised as to how much a towel has been our own MVP.

12. Sunglasses

Almost a no brainer, but we’re covering all of our bases and naming every essential. As you go through your pack list, don’t forget to check off your sunglasses so you can clearly see your athletes play their best.

Grab your bags, fill your car, and have a great season!

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